A Nice Night to Braai

Not the first night I’ve come home to loud music playing and Godfrey pouring out glasses of wine.

Today was a stressful day and I was coming home to jam out an essay overnight. But I’ve decided to take one of my two free passes instead.  So we’re listening to Buena Vista Social Club on the patio as the stars come out and starting the fire for a braai (South African style BBQ. A BIG part of culture here, I’ve been part of well-over ten braais already in my short time here).

Two of Godfrey’s friends are over and we’ve all proclaimed an early Friday (….it’s only Monday, maybe we’re getting ahead of ourselves….)

It’s lovely to just talk story though, and in my opinion, a much better way to spend a beautiful summer night than my 500 word essay on the Industrial Revolution (to be fair, Dad, I was gone all weekend, and this is probably a good time to take the free pass 😛 )


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